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Edenpark kidsVCT and Campaign Outreach

Educational Outreach

We undertake educational outreaches to schools, do life orientation and leadership camps.  Our schools outreach comprise digital multimedia footage of HIV/AIDS and drug abuse and how to prevent it.  We facilitate behavioral change in kids and help them to be “reprogrammed”, place them back in the community as pioneers and change agents.

Kids at school in Northern Cape

Mobile VCT / HIV Counseling and Testing

We either get invited or undertake awareness and information campaigns into the different neighborhoods and counsel and test people at the caravan.  Results are given within + 20 Minutes (Rapid Card test Procedure)

Door-to-Door VCT / HIV Counseling and Testing

Many people do not want to be seen going to a VCT site (Clinic, Hospice, or Caravan) to test, because of the stigma pertaining to HIV/AIDS.  We have a team that goes out and counsels and tests such people in the privacy and convenience of their own homes.

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