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To be a Word Based Model Ministry that touches people in a tangible way through servant and prayer evangelism.


Family by family we will saturate the world with Godís love, whilst nurturing caring and touching them in a tangible way, imparting inner healing into their spirit as we minister to the whole person


Eagle Excellence Ministries was founded in 1993 by Pastor Andrew Opperman {late} ; Pastor Phillip de Lange and Pastor Kayafas August.


As a ministry of the Church of God we have grown as God has purposed for us to.  The Ministry is focused on discipleship; outreach; and growth in the Lord.  As Part of our program we focus on the holistic person (Spirit; Body & Soul) which has made room for the expansion of our services.


Medical Care; Education and Outreach have been a part of this ministry as we do believe in providing a full service to the world (first in South Africa; then Africa and then the Remotest parts of the Earth) and we are constantly joining hands and forming partnerships with like minded Ministries.


We are all called to serve according to Godís Purpose and as a Ligament in the Body of Christ we are doing our bit.


In line with the vision of the ministry, to touch people in a tangible way, we minister to the whole person through the various ministry disciplines within Eagle Excellence


We have affiliates in the Northern and Western Cape that duplicates all that is been done at Eden Park Head Office.


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